Let RMS Next make sure everything is done!

• Digitise your Tasks and Working Day.
• Manage all your tasks for the teams from your desktop or app.
• Drive Operational Efficiency.
• Reduce Costs & Save Time.
• Improve Service Speed & Level.
• Protect your Business.
• Get Instant Performance Reports.
• Fully Integrated with RMS Next System.
• Assign any types of tasks and easily follow them:

1. One time tasks for a specific user or group.
2. Repeated tasks:

* Daily Tasks: Opening / Closing / Periodic Checks.
* Weekly / Monthly Tasks: Inventory Checks / Safety Forms / Manpower Updates and more.

3. Classify tasks based on their urgency or importance:

* For all the tasks the Managers can add “sub-tasks” (to do list).
* The RMS Next Task Manager will monitor the progress of the task, will send reminders and notifications to both the managers and teams for late or unfinished tasks.
* You can choose to get notification when the task is done or not done on time as well.
* RMS Next Task Manager enables the management to appoint the tasks for all levels of Managers / Employees in an efficient way and saves time and avoids missed / forgotten tasks.

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